The One Thing All Diets Agree On

As a part of my research, I consistently look to find things that contradict my beliefs.

I look for ways to prove that the Alkaline Diet doesn’t work, I look for methods which talk about the myth of intermittent fasting.

I do this because the world is changing fast, there are many brilliant researchers figuring out new things this very moment.

Also, I do it so that I don’t get attached to my way of doing things.

I have found that most people do not do this, they are not willing to expose themselves to other points of view, which I find to be a problem.

If there was a cure for a deadly disease with someone, wouldn’t you go and explore it?

Of course you would, but most people tend to stick to their views about things.

This is fine for normal people, but since I share my work with you, I feel it is my moral responsibility to go the extra mile.

In all my nearly one decade of research, there are two things have been common throughout methods/diets.

First, all diets/methods claim that they work.

No surprise here.

Second, all the diets are dead against sugar.

This is a surprise.

The surprise isn’t that sugar is acidic (which we already know in the alkaline diet).

The surprise is that by whatever different logic each diet works, All of them have BANNED sugar.

This was intriguing.

Diets vehemently oppose each other on many different things, one diet says meat should be banned, another diet says meat provides essential nutrients to the body.

One diet says eat apples, another diet says apples are bad.

But when it comes to sugar, all the diets have said ‘No Sugar’.


Now, I don’t claim to have the answer for other diets and why they claim it, but in the alkaline diet, we don’t eat sugar because it is acidic, leaves an acid ash.

Chances are, you also believe that sugar is bad.

But if you believe it is bad, have you thrown it out of your house?

Chances are, you haven’t.

Only the person with diabetes has given up on sugar and the others in the family are consuming sugar normally.

Shouldn’t we all ban sugar and look for alternatives?

We should, but what do we do?

Nothing much.

We create alternatives for sugar that are many times worse than sugar just so that we can choose not to change anything.

I don’t want to make this about artificial sweeteners, but if you are consuming them and think that it is an alternative to sugar, that isn’t really a long term solution.

If you look at the most popular diets out there, all of them said ‘No Sugar’.

Why is sugar so bad?

If it is so bad, why do we still consume it?

If you go back to the caveman days, nature used to give us sugar in the form of a fruit, perhaps a berry.

These berries only grew in a certain season and they were not available all year round.

Caveman got berries only in Season

Since sweet was a pleasure to eat, humans craved more of it.

Fast forward to today, nothing much has changed in how the way our body works, we still feel sweet is pleasurable.

However, except our body, everything else has changed.

Nowadays, we don’t go and pick our berries from a bush, we buy them in the super market.

We don’t buy only berries, we buy sugary treats.

Sugary Treats

              Shopping from The Super Market

Food scientists have figured out the exact triggers that are present in our tongue that make us feel pleasurable.

They have decades of research with them which has been focussed on creating a superior tasting experience for you.

They’ve opened up the berries and found the exact chemical compounds that give it the sweet taste.

After that, they created an item that is all sweet without any of the other ingredients, we call this ‘Candy’.

This thing called Candy is such a delightful experience that if it weren’t for diabetes, people might eat a lot more of it.

So we take decades of research on taste receptors of the tongue, give it to corporations that want to make money at all costs and then we suffer for it.

Now, I don’t blame the corporations, being an entrepreneur myself, I know the pressures of succumbing or choosing not to succumb to make an easy buck.

As someone who cares for his health, I can’t make certain mistakes with my health, neither can you.

If all the diets say sugar is bad, obviously, someone must have figured out something better.

The answer is yes, there are numerous alternatives for sugar, not all of them are alkaline, but there are alternatives.

Stevia is an alkaline alternative, jaggery and dates are other non alkalising alternatives.

Why don’t corporations make products out of stevia?

Simple, It is Not Cheap.

Not as cheap as sugar at least.

To the alkavore in you, I want to give you a few things that you can do to give your body a boost right now.

Firstly, I want you to analyse any food that is either sweet or contains carbs in your diet.

After the analysis, just replace sugar with stevia.

Don’t do anything else, just do this one thing and half of your problems will be done away with over night.

If you are find it difficult to stop eating sweet, you need a detox, this could be a candida issue and needs flushing out.

To get immediate results, you can begin a 14/10 fast where you eat for 10 hours and fast for the other 14.

Your 24 Hours on the 14/10 Fast

                  Your 24 Hours on the 14/10 Fast

Here is the break up of the 14 hours.

Out of the 14, 8 hours is sleep, fast for 6 hours immediately after waking up, in simple terms, this means skip breakfast.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not lethal to skip breakfast. I can’t go into specifics here, but there is a lot of research on this, including my own experiences.

Skipping breakfast feels like a huge burden is taken off your shoulders.

Intermittent fasting is extremely powerful because of several reasons, we can’t go into those here, but a lot of research is present on that.

When in the last article I mentioned that diabetes is a condition, it means it is a reversible state.

Something like water which can become ice when frozen or become vapour when heated.

I do not like to use the word ‘diabetes’ at all because it has a lot of negative connotations.

People who have diabetes usually stamp themselves with the tag, this only worsens the situation. Now they begin a life of restrictions and medications.

If your goal is to get rid of diabetes, I have some good news and some great news.

The good news is that you can.

The great news is that once you make the shift to an alkaline healthstyle, you get a truckload of other benefits that kick in as a bonus.

Do the two things that I mentioned today and write below with your comments, I’d like to know what you feel.

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