Hi, I’m Prithvi Raj.

 Chief Alkavore & Food Scientist at
Alkaline Diet India

Like most normal people, I have had my fair share of diets, I used to get all ‘hyper motivated’ after listening to some pumped up motivation guru and began a brand new diet and exercise regimen after a weekend seminar.

“Groceries – Check

Gym Membership – Check

I’m going to eat clean and go to the gym for 2 hours a day for the rest of my life”

Have you been there?

Of course you have.

How long does that usually last?

One week.

Two weeks at the most.

It was too much too soon.

There was also something else, it always felt like a sacrifice.

It was a bad feeling.

After this happened a multiple times, I was fed up.

I felt like the people who were losing weight knew a secret that I didn’t.

I spoke to different people who lost weight and asked them a lot of questions about how they lost weight, most people gave answers like

“I just started going to the gym”

“I started eating one third of what I used to eat”

“I went on a diet for 1 year”

“I got a gastric sleeve surgery”

Gastric sleeve surgery? This was something I had never heard before, I later learned that this is also commonly called Bariatric surgery where people get 85% of their stomach removed.

Ugh!!! Horrendous.

Maybe those things worked for them, but something was required for me, something that worked, something that was easy to follow.

On my journey to find health, I crossed paths with the Alkaline Diet in 2009.

My research led me to read thousands of documents, speak to hundreds of people and listen to a truckload of audio tapes and videos.

When I stumbled upon the Alkaline Diet in 2009, it looked like a torture on steroids the way people were talking about it.

People were preaching something to the tune of

“Do NOT eat that”

“No, you cannot Drink that either”

“If you eat this you will get cancer”

I was like, “WHAT IS LEFT TO EAT?”

This is what Organic, Gluten Free, Alkaline, Fat Free, Vegan and Low Carb Food looks like

Luckily, you do not have to go through that torture.

I’ve already done the heavy lifting for you.

I have found the right mix of enjoyable methods that make everything seem easy.

You don’t have to eat ice cubes. Yay!

Today, I know the craft of shaping my body the way I want at any time I want.

The Alkaline Diet isn’t about only losing weight, even though that is how I originally got into it.

I know with first hand experience how the Alkaline Diet positively impacts your body.

Furthermore, it creates the right environment inside your body that will eliminate dis-ease from your body.

I’ve seen hundreds and maybe even thousands of people who have successfully used the Alkaline healthstyle to reverse diabetes, hypertension and other ‘incurable’ diseases.

Since 2011 I have been sharing my learnings with my fellow humans and particularly fellow Indians on my little corner of the internet.

In 2009 there was almost NOTHING about the Alkaline Diet online and absolutely ZERO info for Indians.

Being an Indian, I thought that a billion people ought to have a first hand guide to the Alkaline healthstyle. Don’t you think so?

Today, Alkaline Diet India has thousands of visits from around the world every month, although I intended the website to be for Indians in India and abroad, something on this site seems to attract people from US, Canada, Germany, Australia and many more countries.

If you are looking for something that has a strong positive impact on your health with minimal disruption to your life, the Alkaline Detox Program is the program you need.

It is a structured 21 Day program that takes you through an Alkaline Detox in easiest to follow way.

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