Home Cooked Meals are Healthy

Is Home Cooked Food Healthy?

Every time I try to bring up the topic of healthy eating with my mother, she doesn’t want to have the discussion.

She had a blood sugar test done the other day and the result was on the higher side (this means she is diabetic).

My mother is a corporate trainer with a masters degree in English.

She knows very well the importance of her health, but she still has diabetes. Huh?

Doesn’t it seem obvious that she should do something about it?

That’s what I thought.

But every time I bring up the topic of eating clean, she inevitably ends up saying one thing.

“Home cooked food is healthy”.


Here is the secret to life long health of our grand parents.

We just need to eat at home.


Is that the truth?

Do you think home cooked food is healthy?

After nearly a decade of studying & working with people from all walks of life, including people that ate home cooked meals nearly 95% of the time.

I can tell you that is not the case.

Home cooked meals are not automatically “healthy”.

If a meal is cooked at home, it means that you know what went into it.

You know the ingredients were washed properly.

You know the oil was good.

You know that the food is fresh.

Home cooked meals are Hygienically prepared.


Apart from that, there is no difference between home cooked food and food prepared outside.

Butter chicken is still butter chicken and chicken is still acidic.

Chole bhature is still acidic.

Does this surprise you?

Ask yourself this.

If you eat butter chicken or chole bhature at home vs eat them outside, does it impact your health?

Yes and Yes.

Yes because if you ordered the food from outside, you don’t know what went inside it.

Yes because if you made it at home, you used the best ingredients which no restaurant will use, which is better than restaurant cooked.

But that is only 10% of the whole food.

The 90% of the content inside the food doesn’t change.

The fact that you are eating carbs or eating proteins does not change.

So, unless you change what you eat, it won’t matter.

It doesn’t matter whether the food is cooked at home or outside.

So if you are still thinking, “I eat only at home, I am therefore healthy” you will be in for a rude awakening the day your doctor tells you that you have high blood sugar.

Prithvi, are you beating up home cooking?

Absolutely NOT.

Cooking for yourself and your family is a Gift you can give yourself and your family.

Every meal you eat together at the dinner table, is a moment to cherish because there is a limit on how many such dinner table discussions you will have.

Cooking at home is better in every way than eating out.

70% people I coach are health conscious people.

Who do you think reads about Alkaline eating?

My readers are either health conscious or they have some disease and they are looking to make the change.

They seem to be doing everything right, but there is still something that is not allowing them to get what they want.

They have irritable bowel syndrome or want to lose their last few kilos (which seems like it is taking forever).

They eat only at home but still have issues. Why?

There are multiple reasons to this, but I want to tell you only one today.

Health is a vague word that means different things to different people and I hesitate to use it.

There are only two things that matter in any situation that you are in health-wise.

The first is changing what you eat. Home cooked is better than restaurant, but the WHAT is more important than the WHERE.

The second is changing the HOW.

This was something that I started researching only in the past 5 years and I regret not looking into this earlier.

I have been researching alkaline eating since 2009, and I can’t say it has been an easy ride.

Following alkaline eating habits was not easy for a long time.

It wasn’t until 2013 that I started researching about the HOW.

This lead me to find ground breaking research that changed how I ate.

After I discovered this, health became easier.

It felt like a huge burden was taken off my shoulders.

I cannot tell you how easy it became to follow healthy habits.

I was able to go out more often.

Healthy meals were not restricting my ability to meet new people at conferences, dinners and coffee meetings.

I can say that things are 10 times better because of these learnings.

I can’t share more about this now.

I will share my findings later this year when I complete my research and experiments.

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P.S. Some of you maybe thinking, couldn’t I get my mom to adopt alkaline eating? If you want to know, ask in the comments.

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      Hi Renu,

      It is not that she did not adopt it, the article intends to show the resistance of your loved ones and how they have reasons to not change.

      If we want them to change, we must change ourselves and let them see the difference so that they can also change.



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