About Prithvi Raj

Prithvi Raj is the Chief Alkavore & Food Scientist at Alkaline Diet India. He has been researching the Alkaline Diet since 2009, in addition to the Alkaline Diet his research took him into theĀ realms of habit change, psychology, cognitive sciences, will power & fear setting which he finds to be just as important if not more in the area of health.

Chief Alkavore Prithvi Raj

The world of health, human performance and psychology are the areas he is most fascinated by and invests all of his time into.

His has conducted numerous experiments to test his learnings and has been sharing them on this little corner of the internet since 2011.

Prithvi specialises in looking at the way Indians operate and particularly wants to help them with their journeys as most information found online is for people in the west, it is of little help to the people living in India and the people used to the Indian way of living life.

He strongly believes that a country of a billion people ought to have more information for them.

You can reach Prithvi by sending an email to Prithvi@AlkalineDietIndia.com. He loves reading emails from fellow humans.

You can schedule a one-one session with him here.