Why Brain Fog Can be Cured with an Alkaline Detox?

Feeling Dull?

Lack Energy?

Do you feel like you don’t have Clarity on what to do?

This is called Brain Fog.

Although not a medical term, brain fog sums up quite clearly what an individual faces.

Brain fog is the state where you feel a hazy feeling along with the feeling of lethargy in the body.

It doesn’t allow you to realise the full potential of the brain.

You know the worst part?

Most people blame themselves for it.

They feel guilty for not being able to perform at the best possible level they can.

Brain fog is not bad, it is actually a signal that the body is sending out to you.

What is it trying to say? To answer that, we need to understand what causes brain fog.

Brain fog is caused when your body hasn’t rested for quite some time.

By rest, I do not mean sleep. (I’ll explain why sleep is not equal to rest)

By rest, I mean that your body needs restorative therapy commonly known as a Detox.

What happens in a Detox?

In a detox, you allow the body rest in every way possible by changing a few things you do, this lets the body go into healing mode and restores the body to it’s full glory.

93% of participants in the Alkaline Detox Program reported feeling lighter and having a clearer head(no more brain fog) after going through a Detox.

For more info on a Detox, click here.

Now, onto why sleeping is not equal to resting.

Sleep is something we spend one third of our lives doing.

It takes up one third of a day of most humans.

It is intended to put your body into a restorative state when it can heal and rest.

However, with the food we eat nowadays, sleep is just not enough.

After sleeping for 8-9 hours, we still wake up like we want to sleep more.

This happens because the food we’ve eaten is still trying to get processed through a combination of enzymes.

This is where the Acid Alkaline Balance comes in.

I cover this extensively in Food Combinations Section of the Alkaline Detox Program, you can enrol here.

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