Milk: Acid or Alkaline

Milk is Acidic

A big thing in vegetarian diets is whether or not milk and dairy products fall into the vegetarian category. But today, that’s not our focus. We’re looking at it from another perspective, from the perspective of an alkaline lifestyle.

Before we go further into details, we need to understand that when we speak about milk or about any food, and we refer to it’s post metabolism effect on the body not the alkalinity of the product itself. This means that we need to look at what effect it has on the body rather than the what it is.

Now, coming to milk(cow’s milk), it isn’t alkaline, it’s in fact a little bit on the acidic side. Not only that, The sweet nature of milk and the additional growth hormone is unnecessary for the body. Humans have growth hormone, there is no need for extra growth hormone, but by taking in cow’s milk, we’re taking in additional growth hormone which is causing us to grow more than necessary. (This isn’t the focus of the article, so do some research on this yourself.)

All animals in nature drink milk only of their own kind, zebras drink zebra milk, humans should drink human milk, but in addition to human milk, we also drink cow milk that doesn’t give us anything.

Now, some milk like goat’s milk before pasteurizing is actually alkaline, I won’t go into the exact specifics, to be honest, I’ve not had goat’s milk, but this article is simply to remove the element of doubt that you may have regarding milk’s alkalinity.

We don’t want to give excuses and fool ourselves that certain things are alkaline and can be had. Milk doesn’t stop with milk alone, it includes dairy products like butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and all other milk based products.

Keep in mind that milk is acidic, because of the sugar in it.



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  1. yet milk is slightly acidic by analysis but its effect on stomach is not acidic, its acidity may be ignored in comparision to its other benifits.

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