Simple Title, Balance. How simple is it? Well, in reality, most of us have some sort of balance in our life, it may not be good for us but we can’t live in a frenzy stressful state all the time.For example, if you continue a negative behaviour like excessive eating for a certain period of time, eventually you’ll forget that it is not in balance, you’ll feel it’s normal. Today, let’s briefly delve into balance and how it affects you in the alkaline lifestyle.

Balance is defined as the mental steadiness and emotional stability. This is our objective if we wish to sustain anything for the longer term. Coming to the alkaline diet and how will function in balance, let’s see.

Let’s suppose that we don’t eat alkaline most of the time, and we don’t even know what we’re eating. It’s true that fast food is acidic in nearly all cases, but there are several subtler items that pass into our daily diets like milk and dairy products. In India especially, we are accustomed to having milk,butter milk,yogurt,ghee and butter so on and so forth. White Rice is a big criminal when it comes to alkalinity, so is bread.
I’ve eliminated many of these foods from my life, but occasionally I get in some of them.

Now comes in the concept of balance. It may not be possbile for us to let go of these foods entirely. But we have a solution, neutralize the food we eat. What to do? Simple, eat a small salad with every such meal. Does it completely take away all the acidic nature of the food? No, but it significantly reduces the acidic effect the food will have on your body.  

I eat a salad everyday for brunch, it’s a habit, many times it’s the same salad, but it feels good and refreshing to have that salad. It gives you an amazing feeling at the beginning of the day and makes you look forward to the day. This feels amazing, this keeps the acid alkaline balance. Yes, our goal is alkalinity, but is it better to have a balanced lifestyle than an acidic lifestyle? The answer is an overwhelming Yes!

Most people think of success as this giant thing, either you have it or you don’t, either you eat alkaline or you don’t, either you have a great body or you don’t.But that isn’t the case at all. If you look at people who go to the gym, even irregularly, they’re in better shape that those who never goto the gym at all.Because their body is used to some sort of exercise on some day. Whichever day they give it to the body, the body takes it and in turn after a couple of years you look at them, and they look great even though they don’t think they goto the gym regularly.

Focus on the small wins, they build the momentum to keep the train going and when the momentum is high, that is when you get the big wins.

Have a balance, only a balance is sustainable long term, any one sided behaviour never lasts long term.

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