Health Goals

This post is simple, it deals with goals related to health. I think you’ll find my take interesting.

Before I delve into the meat of the subject, let me be clear, if you want ripped abs or want to look like a supermodel, please don’t take any advice I give in this post. It’s probably not for you. If you want energy at the end of the day to do the thing you love or need the extra energy to invest in your part time business, then this is probably for you.

Health and appearance are often talked about in the same conversation because of the massive media attention on appearance in today’s culture, this puts stress on people to have an attractive appearance, this in turn puts even more stress on people who want to look good through health.

I think having goals for something like health for the average Joe is useless,. the average Joe has many goals for his career, for his relationships and what not. He probably is already having difficulties meeting all the other goals and requirements of his life, health goals will simple add stress and do nothing to help him out.

So if there are no goals, then how do you become healthy? Instead of goals, I suggest some processes that can be added to our daily lives, processes like one healthy meal a day, a couple of minutes each day for breathing, having wheat grass drinks.

Health is an ongoing process, it never stops, we need to change small and change often to ensure that we can achieve the things that we want. Average normal human beings i.e, All of us. Have tons of things to do in our daily lives, our objective is to be able to do all these things and in addition, also do the things that we love.

Processes inside of a system make all the difference, it is them that we need to analyze and change, one off things rarely make an impact on anything long term. Think about this in your own life, I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion.



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