How To Turn Vegan, The Easy Way: Part 1

My Daily Lunch

The image on the left shows what my lunch looks like everyday. The first step to turning Vegan is turning vegetarian, contrary to popular belief, Vegan ≠ Vegetarian. A vegetarian may eat dairy products such as cheese,butter, eggs etc, but a vegan does not.

A vegetarian, simply eats everything an non vegetarian eats with the exception of meat. There are different types of Vegetarians, to save us the confusion, I’ll skip that here. But you can find the details here.

Why Go Vegetarian?
Time and again, going vegetarian has been proven to make people live healthier and longer. (Google it.) It’s just amazing how much energy veg food gives the body. I never thought it would, but gives the body more energy than non veg food.

Turns out, vegetarian food gives the body what it needs directly

The Easy Way
I’ve come up with a step by step system for myself that has successfully led me through a painless switchover to vegetarian food. As my way of giving back to society, I’m sharing exactly what I did, on this blog.

I chose to eat salads for 2 meals of the day and brown rice for the third, but that’s not the only option.(Thanks to my mom for making salads everyday.)

Turning vegetarian alone, without any dietary restrictions apart from non consumption of meat, is an amazing gift you can give your body.

I’m not a pro at explaining how I feel, but I’ll try my best.

After going to a non vegetarian buffet, you’d feel drowsy and totally drained out. If you don’t feel that, you probably have some exercises in your life.

After a vegetarian buffet, the drowsy feeling is at a much lesser magnitude than a non veg buffet. Vegetarian foods have inherent properties that are easy for the body to digest than non veg foods.

Veg foods are alkaline in nature, they aid nutrition and make a phenomenal difference in the way you feel.

For the weight watchers, weight falls by the pound and you start seeing results within a week of changing to this diet.

After eating food outside, any kind of junk you get outside, for 3 days after eating that food, the brain craves such food, if you give in to the craving and eat some junk, you add 3 days to that day. This is a personal experience of mine, I’ve become aware of it after I heard some famous guy talk about it.

This is the reason that most people become addicted to junk food, and the reason they can’t stop eating the junk. I’ve been guilty of it too, I’m not pointing fingers.

The foods I’m eating, give me energy, I can stay long hours without food, somehow I just don’t feel hungry. I don’t feel the urge to snack, healthy or unhealthy. I don’t feel the need to snack at all.

I eat 3 meals per day, salads for breakfast and lunch and brown rice for dinner. Brown rice along with whatever curry they make at home (I’m Indian 😉 ). No snacks during the day of any kind. None.

I never feel drowsy, the foods add tons of nutrients to my body. Makes me feel amazing.

Non veg food takes more energy to digest than it delivers, why on earth would anyone eat such food?

Turning veg is not so hard, because, you still get to eat most foods e.g chats, biryani, noodles etc.

Almost everything including Haleem!!!! is available for vegetarians. When you have so many options as a vegetarian, and it’s also good for the body to be vegetarian, the choice to go veg is a no brainer.

Of course, there is a personal choice involved, just as it is with anything else in life. Going veg is surely an amazing choice that you can take.

From personal experience, I can tell you that it’s worth the shift.

Don’t wait. Your life is too precious. Just go for it.

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