Turning Vegan

I’ve tried numerous times to eat healthy, but each time, my stint lasts a couple of weeks before I jump back to eating anything and everything I can get my hands on.

After failing 3 times over a couple of years, I finally decided to study health and healthy eating habits.

Turns out, human beings are creatures of habit, and only things that are habituated can ever be done long term.

So, it only makes sense that I make a habit out of eating healthy. I’ve come up with a plan for myself which I’ve successfully implemented that has done what was needed for my body in order to make me feel fantastic!!!!!!

Starting this week, I’m going to be posting 1 Post per week on the plan that has successfully got me of the ‘crack’ of eating junk.

I no longer feel the need to eat, I no longer feel the want to eat, I can focus on more important things in life than food.I can say no to food when I choose to, and peer pressure no longer affects me.

I used to rationalize that I must go out every once in a while with friends and I’ll have to eat out with them, but now, whether it’s a marriage or a party, I have the power to say no to food and be totally satiated with the salads I eat.

The dearth of material for Indians on this topic of healthy eating has propelled me to start this blog and as a part of the vision to supply Indians and fellow humans around the world, is this series of posts on turning Vegan.

The first post will be on Turning Vegetarian, you can expect it during the next week.



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