Impact of An Alkaline Diet on Daily Life

A thought dawned on me the other day, I asked myself ‘Why eat Alkaline?’, I found that this is a very important question that most of us have. A question that you must have answered in some way which led to starting or continuing the diet. Let’s look at why we eat alkaline and why we should continue to eat alkaline.

I’ll describe 3 areas of my life where the AD has personally helped me.

Firstly, I find a huge, and I must emphasize on huge, impact on exercise. During my previous years when I used to eat any and everything, I tried to exercise, but the exercise used to be such a painful thing to do, you get tired easily, which in turn makes you give up on the exercise program entirely. After I changed my diet, exercising is a breeze, it’s so simple to do, it’s like a ship with an anchor, when you eat junk, you feel like you’re dragging the anchor, when you eat healthy, it feels like you’ve let go of the anchor. It feels heavenly.

Secondly, there is a amazing difference in the quality of sleep I get. When I used to eat junk, I used to wake up tired, tired and tired. I learnt later that the body is trying to digest all the junk we put into it while we sleep and the body’s resources aren’t enough to cope with junk and as a result we feel dull and drowsy after waking up from a complete night’s sleep. Eating alkaline makes waking up much easier, you feel fresh when you wake up in the morning, you have less resistance to getting up. It feels amazing, words can’t describe how good it feels.

Last but not the least, energy level throughout the day, I must say that there is zero energy drain. When you eat junk, and you’re continuously eating junk, you forget how good it feels or rather how light it feels when you eat healthy, probably because you forget what eating healthy is.  After a couple of days of eating alkaline, you’ll immediately feel the difference. I felt lighter, light like a feather. Light is a relative term and you must know how pathetic it feels after eating junk to know how ‘light’ feels like. Eating junk brings with it drowsiness, you eat Chicken Biryani (flavoured & steamed chicken with rice), you immediately feel like sleeping, especially with today’s lifestyles’ of AC restaurants, AC offices, AC homes, comfy chairs, AC cars. It makes it all the more likely to feel drowsy after such a meal.

The biggest impact that an alkaline diet has on your life is the long lasting energy, I eat salads for breakfast and lunch. I eat my breakfast at about 8am and lunch at around 1pm. Often, it so happens, I can completely forget about lunch till about 3pm. I have a very small portion serving of salad for breakfast and this should make me very very hungry, but this doesn’t happen, this doesn’t mean I don’t eat till dinner, I must eat at the right times so I feel normal and feel satiated most of the time so as to avoid any cheat meals. When I refer to energy, it isn’t the shot of sugar that instantly fuels the body when you eat some junk, I’m referring to a higher quality of energy, energy that stems from health not from food.

This is a very important post, for me as well as for anyone who’s practicing the AD, it keeps us on track as to why we’re on this diet in the first place, this can be easy to forget in today’s culture of fast food.
Let me know what you think, any questions you may have, any experiences you’ve got regarding the AD.



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