Why Do Most people NEVER go to the Gym?

With less than 2 months to go for the new year to start, this is the perfect time to talk about the “GYM”.
A lot of people want to go to the Gym from January 1st. 
They feel excited, a new year feels like things are suddenly going to change and life will be better for you this year
What REALLY happens?
Studies show that most people break their new year’s resolutions by January 7th. 
Really? 7th? They couldn’t even stick to it for 7 days?
This is the truth of our world, but WHY?
Years ago, I noticed something about several of my students.
The moment they joined my course, they all of a sudden felt the urge to go to the gym and get a six pack.
They joined the gym and felt they were going to be body builders in no time.
But when I spoke to them around 2 weeks later, they told me that they were not able to make time to go to the gym. (Some reason to justify their inability to go to the gym)
I decided to look into this matter and figure out why this was happening again and again with different students.
My research team and I got together and started looking for patterns.
After  four months of poring over documents, studies and evidence, we got the answer.
You know what it is?
The answer is that the human body can’t take STRESS
YES, you read that right. The body is not designed to take on a lot of mental stress.
What does mental stress have to do with going to the gym?
Let’s break down the gym routine of these people so you understand this better. 
What is the usual plan for going to the gym ? 
-Wake up at 5am (they currently wake up at 7am)
-Go to the Gym (they’ve not gone to the gym in AGES!)
-Workout for 2 hours (they don’t know anything about working out)
-Come Home
That is usually the routine of anyone who wishes to lose weight and make a six pack in six months. At least they dream of following this.
What’s the problem here?
It is a HUGE goal. 
Firstly, most people don’t wake up at 5am. That is around 1-2 hours before they usually wake up normally
It would be a MASSIVE challenge to wake up 15 mins before their usual wake up time, forget about 2 hours. 
If they somehow get up and go to the gym, the trainer at the gym makes them do all sorts of different exercises involving different muscle groups
They come home feeling pumped only to wake up the next morning with aches and pains all over the body.
They exercised too many muscles at once.
This is too much for the body to handle and hence, the body collapses. It says ” I can’t do this anymore” and you quit. 
In our research, we also looked at the routines of people who have been consistently going to the gym for years.
We noticed a difference in patterns.
These people who didn’t wake up early, first changed their wake up time.
If they wanted to go to the gym at 6am, they first made it a habit to wake up at 5:45.
Instead of going to the gym they took a walks around the neighbourhood and came back. This made sure they didn’t go back to sleep.
After a month of establishing that habit of waking up, is when they even considered the Gym.
By doing this, these individuals reduced the load on the brain (yes, there is such a thing as load on the brain)
Some people have the motivation of steel and can pull off almost anything, I am definitely NOT one of them. I am only human.
Accepting that I am only human makes it easier to do simple things.
People with terminal illnesses or people with single point focus can usually do things that you and me cannot do.
For example, the first person to beat Mike Tyson in a boxing match was Busta Douglas. 
At that time, Mike Tyson was an undefeated champion. 
When asked about how he beat Tyson when everyone else failed, he said ” I promised my mother before she died that I will beat Mike Tyson no matter what”
You and I don’t have that kind of motivation for our health. If you do, that’s wonderful.
We humans have an misleading thought process. 
We tend to over estimate our abilities.
We think we can win in a fight with someone else even though we’ve never built up our strength.
People who enter the stock market tend to think that they are experts of the market and will make money everyday.
They have NO skill, they have minimal knowledge and they lose half their capital in one day.
Humans tend to over estimate what they can do.
Everyday, I still have a challenge with this, I must constantly tell my brain that I am only human.
Does it mean we can’t achieve big things?
It means that we must find the EASY way to do the big thing.
Our brains have the ability to make things easy for us.
This is the only way that anyone who is successful is successful. 
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