Why Alkaline?

I often get asked by my people why I follow thus alternative eating lifestyle, is it required to really do that much? I simply smile as a response to this question, because people usually just say this sort of a thing to make small talk. If they probe further, I say that it is the way I feel after following this alkaline eating lifestyle that makes me follow the instructions.

Alkaline Eating has revolutionized my life, most aches and pains simply go away. You feel lighter, more alive than ever before. This gives you a sort of natural high that is not addictive but highly desirable. Weight begins to slide off your body with ease, you don’t have to do anything to pressurize yourself for weight loss.

With all these benefits, people are still not in the right frame of mind to step up and take action. So I created this website to keep people more informed and motivated so that they can find answers to all their questions, especially in India where information is literally non existent on most topics.

Most people think of alkaline diet as some new diet, it’s not a diet at all, it’s a way of eating. Essentially, your body has a scale called the pH scale, it ranges from 1-14 (Acidic – Alkaline). Depending on what you put into the body, you get the result. The body prefers bring alkaline because the pH of the human body is 7.36. This shows that the body is slightly alkaline, and that we should help the body with that purpose.

Alkaline Eating makes it easier for the body to keep everything working fine and optimally. It’s like lubricating a machine with all the different cogs and wheels.

If you really want to try this out for yourself, I suggest you go in for the 10 day Alkaline Eating Challenge, if you like the change, go ahead with the lifestyle, if you don’t, just let go of it. But I can assure you that your life will be better after this 10 day Challenge for sure.



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