Weight Loss

The main reason 90% of people get into healthy eating or diets is for weight loss. They are not aware of what they feel like because it’s so normal to feel drowsy and low on energy. After they do get into health,  most people never actually track everything to the tee. They eat healthy sometimes and eat junk other times, but overall, if you look at the people who’ve invested their time into healthy eating, they DO lose weight.

Over a span of 5 years, the change is clearly visible, the problem here is that most people want to lose weight immediately, within a week or a month, sometimes even days. They want to look great for that special party. They don’t put in the effort, their life goes back to the same old rot they used to be in.

I want to clarify one thing today, in this information age, there is more information than a person can read in a lifetime, let alone understand and execute, so the best information is the information that you apply. It means whatever spend time reading, spend more time executing. Simple habits like one salad a day, do wonders for your digestion. A wheat grass drink every day also does a lot of good.

Get this, nature abhors a straight line, if you see a straight line anywhere in nature, a man made it. If you look at our lives, we don’t consciously think about all the things we do, we do things for many reasons. It is required of us to add useful habits to our lives which take us far over time.

Everything happens over a span of time, if I weigh 120kgs, I’m obese and have tons of fat to lose, there is no way I can get six pack abs in a week. It’s just not possible. But over the span of a year, consistent workouts (consistent doesn’t mean everyday, it just means on a consistent basis), a six pack is easy. Look at any person who’s been going to the gym for a couple of years, I bet you, he’d look better than a person who’s never gone to the gym at all.

The purpose of this post is not to introduce new ‘alkaline berries’ or ‘alkaline shakes’ that will get you to lose weight today, but rather to get you to focus on the only way to long term sustainable weight loss.



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