Vegetarian for Life

A lot of my friends and relatives are asking me how I manage to abstain from eating non veg. I used to eat chicken, lamb (mutton), fish, prawns etc. One day, I just decided to stop, well, after that day, my life has never been the same.

Vegetarian food has the excellent benefit of keeping the body light, this is a hard concept to explain, to understand what I’m talking about, on 2 separate days, have one vegetarian buffet and one non vegetarian buffet meal, the difference will be clearly evident, vegetarian feels much lighter after you consume it, non veg on the other hand gets you feeling drowsy and often times you feel like taking a nap after it.

The benefits of being veg are numerous, firstly, I never have to deal with bones or thorns, veg is always boneless. The second benefit is something that’s not obvious, but it really gets you feeling good in the longer term, when we consume animal flesh, we also consume the cholesterol of the animal, this is the reason our arteries are clogged and blood capillaries struggle to allow the blood cells to pass, this in turn is the primary reason for heart disease.

Another fact to keep in mind is that the way these animals are raised to meet our needs for meat. These animals are fed specialized food that makes them grow big and juicy so they can be cut. They are genetically engineered to have different body parts that people want. I won’t go into the details, but I’d suggest you do your own research, watch a documentary like ‘Food Inc’. The animals know that they’re going to be slaughtered and this releases all sorts of stress hormones which we consume as a part of eating flesh.

For me personally, I found veg to be a cleaner way of eating, I found it to be better. That’s the reason I switched, for you there maybe many reasons, but you’ll never regret the decision.



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