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After listening to Tony’s Living Health program, I was seriously considering everything that he says, especially about the green drink. Unfortunately, they only sell the green drink within the US, and hence, I couldn’t buy it directly. But, I believe in keeping healthy so I found a way.
There is a website that allows me to get any product from US into India for a certain charge, for those curious souls, the website is
It cost me around INR 5600(USD 115) to get the Green drink delivered to my house, it lasts about a month and a half if you have 3 servings a day, I had 2 servings most days so it came to around 2 months.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth spending that much money on a health supplement,  it was worth every penny you invest in it. I could clearly see the difference between me and my friends when we went for a dinner out. All of us had the same meals in a buffet, approximately the same amount of food, I went to an ice cream joint only 2 hours earlier and ate till I was inundated and after the meal, I felt full but not drowsy or sleepy like we usually feel after eating  out. There were four of us and three of them(me excluded) were feeling drowsy, sleepy and like they never want to eat another bite in their lifetime. I was full, but felt good, not sleepy, not drowsy, just good. None of them were following anything close to my alkaline diet or any diet at all, neither was I following any serious diet when I was there but my food and health habits were better.

I had all these things going for me on that day.
1) I drank 500ml of water every day when I woke up before doing anything else.
2) I drank the green drink 2 times in a day.
3) I was using Tony’s breathing technique.( Very Helpful)

This allowed me to eat tons of food and still feel alright, I know this is not a scientific thesis, but you get a fair picture of what happened.

This was a time when I wasn’t fully commited to the alkaline diet and thought I’d enjoy life for as long as I can, but believe me when I say, the quality of life that we spend when we detach ourselves from this kind of food changes dramatically.

Tip: To get your alkaline diet off the ground, use this technique I once learnt from Eben Pagan.
If you eat any junk, your body keeps searching for that kind of food like a maniac for 3 days, during which you shouldn’t supply your body with it. After 3 days, you lose interest in that food(only temporary till you eat junk again) but the quality of life improves, if only for a small period, it does improve. You won’t be addicted to this high quality state though, you’ll lose it the moment you let yourself go. More on this later.

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