Time Flies, Habits Bring Results

I just look back at the time I turned vegetarian, It was June 2012, how time flies, I seems like just yesterday that I switched on to the alkaline diet, but it’s been more than two years. I just felt like turning veg and  I did it. Most people probably don’t feel it’s so easy, I’ll leave going vegetarian for another post, but for now, I’d like to discuss  how habits bring results.

“Nothing Tastes As Good as Health & Vitality Feels” – Tony Robbins

I want to reinforce the notion that it’s not possible to change everything overnight, you will never succeed unless you have too many things depending on it. I’m sure you have scores of examples in your own lives. If everyone is doing it, you’re much more likely to do it. Since most of us don’t have that option, or perhaps a better way to put it is that most of us can’t create such situations easily, we must use whatever will power we get on a daily basis and direct it into developing one single habit.

This principle has worked for me time and again, but I still keep hunting for newer techniques, but I fail at all of them, the tried and tested method of adopting one single habit seems to be the only way we can actually achieve longer term success.

This point is subjective, in essence, if I’ve got the discipline to do this for an year, I’ll have gained some momentum, to add fuel to the fire is easier, but starting the fire is the hard part.

For most of us physical health and fitness is not at the level we want it to be, the irony of the fact is that if you have this are under control, everything else becomes so much easier.

I’ve felt the feeling of how it feels, it’s totally amazing. But it’s not an addictive state, junk food has an addiction to it.After eating any junk, you feel a craving for about 3 days, if you eat to satisfy the craving, you feel it for another 3 days and the vicious circle goes on forever. On the other hand, quality food never has any of such addictions, it just makes you feel good. It has a higher taste, something that can’t be explained. But it will satiate your desires, after a couple of months, the cravings reduce,  you will feel a need to eat maybe once a month, if you overcome it, you’ll feel it less frequently.

The urge may never go away forever, but this is the way life works.

Choose your habits wisely, because time magnifies habits.



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