The Truth about Why We Fall Sick

Have you ever performed a cleanse on your body?

Let me rephrase the question.

Have you ever fallen sick?

If you’ve ever fallen sick, that is a cleanse.

Falling sick is a cleanse? Why? How?

To answer that, we must look deeper into why sickness happens.

Why do we fall sick?

Is it a seasonal thing?

Viral fever is running in town?


We get sick because the body has been under siege and is saying “I NEED A BREAK”.

As one of my readers, you are in better health than 90% of people out there.


It is because you took the time to find this site.

90% people have no idea what they are eating and/or drinking. Until one day, they need to go to a doctor and they are told that they have “Sugar” (Diabetes).

It is quite simple to understand.

I’ll lay out the equation for you.

Bad Food + No Rest = Dis-Ease

The body goes into a state of dis-ease and needs to do something to intervene.

When you get sick, you suddenly stop all the work you do and take care of the body, you do what is required to be healthy.

The body heals and you go back to the same old ways that got you sick in the first place.

What do we do then? How can we avoid getting sick?

The answer is detoxing.

It sounds complex, but it is not.

Detoxing is the act of giving body rest from continuous stress.

Does it mean that you must go and live on a farm?

No, that is not what it means.

It means that you must do small things that allow the body to recover and you aid the recovery process.

A complete detox solution is offered in the Alkaline Detox Program, which I would recommend to every person reading this, especially if you know someone who gets sick often.

Even if you choose not to, I want to give you two things that you can do today to reduce dis-ease in your body.

1) The Oxygen Infusionâ„¢Technique

Take a deep breath in. Breathe in for 7s.

Hold for 7×4=28s

Exhale for 7s. Make sure to Exhale Fully.

Repeat 3 times for 10% relief, repeat 5 times for 50% relief.

Do it now, there is no excuse for not breathing right now.

2) The Lemon Detox

On an empty stomach, have a glass of lemon water. Half a lemon preferably with warm water.

DO NOT do it with food in your stomach, it will disturb the digestion process.

Repeating these 2 techniques everyday will lead to a lot of relief and go a long way in maintaining the alkaline balance.

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  1. It is nice to get the simple solutions to healthy living. Please continue the same as frequently as possible
    Dr Akula Kishan IFS(rtd)

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