The Oxygen Infusion™ Technique

This technique infuses your body with Oxygen and releases energy by burning food. Most of us don’t breathe right and the oxygen doesn’t reach the innermost parts of the body.

By using this technique, you will ensure that the Oxygen reaches all the parts of the body.

The Technique

Breathe In = 7s
Hold – 7×4 = 28s
Release = 7s

Ratio : 1:4:1

If 7:28:7 is too difficult, you can do 4:16:4 in the beginning, until you build up the necessary lung power.

Breathing is a true gift that you give your body when you do it right.

Breathing alone can massively impact the energy you have in your body at any time.

How many times to do it? 

You must do it a minimum of 3 times.

For maximum impact, you must do it 10 times, you will feel Amazing.


If you are going through any program of mine, follow the instructions given in the program.