The Magic of Parkinsons Law

In this value packed video, you will learn the biggest secret of success in the 21st Century.

You will learn how to get more done in 10 mins than you’ve done in the past 10 weeks procrastinating.

The Magic of Parkinson’s Law covers the how-to strategies that successful people use to get massive results from a small amount of time by leveraging time to their advantage.

About the Creator

Prithvi Raj has spent the last decade studying the behaviour of people in his work with several hundreds of clients with the Alkaline Diet, he has learned that while the actual diet is only 10%, the other 90% is psychology.

He has researched heavily on will power, procrastination and getting things done. The Magic of Parkinson's Law is a concise video that gives a cut the fluff mentality to the person who completes it and allows them to radically improve their productivity by cutting out procrastination.

Here is what people have to say about The Magic of Parkinson's Law

"I have been spending the past 3 years trying to figure out how to write my book, this course told me in 7 mins where my focus should be. It Just Works!" - Suresh M

"My gymming efforts were half hearted and futile, after I saw this video, my brain suddenly understood why I was not making progress and how to solve it, my workouts are regular now." - Teja S

"I run an interior design firm and I've been wanting to venture into events planning, I didn't know where to start, but the principles I picked up here allowed me to cut the fluff and get results. I'm conducting my first event next month. Thanks Prithvi! " - Tripti K