The Alkaline Detox Solution (Important for Diwali)

It is quite simple really, but took me YEARS to figure out. (Read
till the End for Diwali special message)

10 Years ago, when I started on this journey of Alkaline eating,
it was extremely difficult for me to eat healthy all the time.

You know the Feeling.

You’re in office, it is around 12:30, someone says “Let’s go out
for Lunch”.

One guy says “Sure”, then someone else says “Good Idea”, in a few
minutes, everyone on your team is going.


So you give in to the temptation and say “Yes”.

On one such day, I said “Yes”, I went out with them, came back
and felt BLOATED for the next 2 Days and HATED myself for going.

For someone who eats healthy 90% of the time, eating out creates
HAVOC in the body.

I could say ‘No’ to social lunches a few times, but not EVERY

Otherwise, you become the CREEPY guy in the office. (And I didn’t
want to be the creepy guy)

One day, I decided to find a solution to this problem.

I experimented with my own detoxification program.

I STOPPED EATING for the next 36 hours one such meal.

Just Stopped Eating… No Food for 36 hours.

I only drank some specific liquids. No Food, none.

And it was the BEST day of my life.

I felt extremely light.

My brain was super sharp and productivity SKYROCKETED!

What is Amazing is that I DID NOT FEEL HUNGRY the whole time.

YES! 36 Hours without ANY Food.

That day, I learned the invaluable skill of Detoxing Your Body.

Over the years, I have perfected the skill of Detoxing your body
in an Alkalizing way.

Today, I want to share the Alkaline Detox Solution with you.

It is an INVALUABLE skill that will change your life FOREVER.


Once you master this skill of Detoxing your body (You will find
out later why it is a skill).

You will save yourself a ton of pain(Emotional & Physical) in the

Most Importantly, You Will Not Hate Yourself for falling off

I’m conducting a webinar on this Friday at 8pm IST to teach you
how to Detox.

This Webinar Covers

1) What is a Detox? (And Why it is a Skill)

2) How To Do a Detox? (The Alkaline Way)

3) How to Eat Out and Negate the Impact with an Alkaline Detox

4) Much more…

Click Here to Register

Date & Time: Friday, 13th Oct, 8PM Indian Standard Time (GMT+ 5:30)

I don’t do Webinars often, I only do them when I feel I have
something important to share. This is Important because


Diwali is around the corner and you and I both know one thing.

That is why I am doing this Webinar on this Friday.

You can enjoy Diwali GUILT FREE and get back on track immediately
after Diwali.

There is no better time than now.

Plus, this Webinar is FREE for you.

Click Here to Secure Your Spot (Only 100 Spots Available)



P.S. There will be no recording for this webinar, if you miss it,
you miss it.

Once you develop the Detox skill, you can take care of your
entire family.

You will know what is to be done when your child is feeling
bloated or what to do when there is a constipation problem.

Register here (it’s FREE)

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