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The challenge that most people have(myself included) is that nobody will support your diet, or your exercise, or anything new. Let me give you an example , you want to eat clean, but your roommates(family/friends) probably don’t want to change their eating habits and want you to follow the same habits as before so it doesn’t create differences. They may not do it consciously, but overall, their attitude will be similar to this.
Now, we come to the important point, what can you do about it? Just like in everything in life, you need to get yourself through the initial stages of hurdles, the first thing to keep in mind when you are faced with hurdles is that they are going to come up. Expecting that they are going to be in your path will get you prepared to overcome them.Knowing you’re going to face hurdles will keep you strong.
Why you will or will not follow through all comes down to the one thing. The state in ¬†which you are at the the time of the action. Let’s say you’re pumped up, you won’t even feel the need to eat some junk. You’re probably doing something productive anyways and you’re so engrossed in it, you forget about eating and by the time you should eat, your mind is in the right state. But let’s say you’re dull, maybe you had a bad day at work and you don’t feel like going and making the salad. What will usually end up happening on the initial stages is you’ll probably eat some cheat meal. Why I say initial stages is because after it becomes a habit, you’ll find yourself doing it unconsciously. But it’s the first 30 days that make all the difference.
This post is small, it’s meant to keep you on track. Knowing about the alkaline diet will not make you healthy, implementing it will. You must focus your will power on making the alkaline diet a part of your life. Watch the video posted below, it may give you the necessary focus to take the action needed.
What I want you to take away from this post is
1) Nobody will help you unless you help yourself.
2) Habits are like railway tracks, they take time to form, but once formed, they will take you where you want to go.
Be sure to watch the video of this man who had an encounter with death and survived. It’s a very motivating video.

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