Some Facts About People Who Follow Through

Most people find the hardest part of a diet is to follow through, I’m referring to a diet but basically anything in life when new, people find it hard to figure to keep going. From the experience of my life of spending 15 months in the alkaline diet as of today, I have the clear answer to this question and that is what I will delve into this article about.

The phases of my life when progress was happening, things were going great, everything seemed perfect were the times when I had the best results with the diet. I lost several kilos, looked great, felt amazing, didn’t have to worry about food at all.

The common thread through all these things is one reason, it is that I never thought about food at all. I ate whatever was planned, but the plan was made when I was in the right state of mind. I was busy before breakfast, busy after breakfast, busy before lunch, busy after lunch, even during lunch, I was thinking about things to do after lunch. Lunch (or any meal) was simply a chore that made my life better, it enriched my life.
After you create habits, they keep serving you even if you don’t want them, whether good or bad, habits are habits.

I really like this quote from a lady called Patricia Fripp “Habits are like railway tracks, they take a long time to form, but once formed, they take you where you want.”

There is a simple way to make habits, the concept goes like this, you pick one thing that you want to imbibe to yourself, make it an executable task, for example, if you want to eat alkaline, decide to make an alkaline breakfast everyday and have it, that is an executable task. Then perform this task for 30 days. The habit is ready.

If you feel overwhelmed by the executable task, break it down further, make it so simple that you feel like it’s a piece of cake.

This is a simple but powerful message, just keep this in mind, it can change your life. It changed mine.

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