Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for a session with Prithvi Raj

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for a Coaching Session with Prithvi


1) How long is the session? 

A: Prithvi takes as much time as needed with each client, there is no set amount of time but each session usually lasts 30-60 mins.

2) What if I do not benefit from the session?

A: This session is right for you if you seek a solution to a problem you are facing. If you do not know the problem you are facing, or you are unable to diagnose it correctly, this session will help you diagnose the problem and also get the solution.

If you are not seeking a solution of any kind, this may not be the right session for you at this point of time.

3) I have never heard of coaching for will power & habits, is this legit? 

A: Will power and habit change is a recent development which has become a major field in the past 10-15 years. The advent of technological developments have made it both easier and difficult to make significant progress in any endeavour.

On one hand, a mobile phone makes it easier to track several things but is also the source of constant interruptions. Developing will power and the right habits in today’s day and age is what is most important and most difficult.

4) What happens during the session? 

A: Each session contains 3 phases. The discovery phase, the diagnosis phase and the solution phase.

The discovery phase goes through the clients needs, wants and desires.

The diagnosis phase checks for any mismatch between the goals and the actions and other mental models that could be causing a issue with habit building.

The solution phase is about giving clear steps to take after the session.

5) What if I have questions after the session? 

A: You can reach Prithvi by email after the session for any follow up questions you may have.

6) Where are the sessions conducted?

A: All sessions are conducted by Skype/Whatsapp Call/Regular Phone Call .

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