Mango: The Alkaline Summer Fruit

This is the last post of the month, it also happens to fall on the last day of the month. To end this streak of posts, let me pick the king of fruits, the Mango. One of the many specialties of summer is the availability of Mangoes. It was quite a surprise to me when I found out that Mangoes are alkaline, the large sweet fruit could be easily mistaken for something non alkaline, but it is alkaline.

I just started using mangoes in my alkaline diet in this past week, for several years I avoided mangoes because I thought they were heavy on the stomach.But now, I’ve got a different perspective. It’s not natural mangoes that are heavy, it is the man made artificial sugars that are heavy.

Let’s delve into ways we can use mangoes in our alkaline lifestyles.

1) Cut Slices: The easiest way to eat a mango is to cut it open and eat it. Depending on the size of the mango and it’s variety, this could serve as an entire meal. If it is sweet, you’re lucky, if it isn’t, it is still alkaline and natural.

2) Shakes: Easy to misunderstand a shake for a milk shake, but there is no milk involved. Peel the mango, chop it up, add to blender, blend, add water to reduce thickness, blend, add ice cubes for chill effect, serve.

3) Salad: You will not realize the huge difference that adding mangoes has made to my salads. The salads taste so good, the taste of mangoes is strong, it does an excellent job of not only neutralizing, but also adds a sweet taste. Add small pieces to the salad, it tastes phenomenal.

This week, I did all of these 3 and that’s why I mentioned these 3. It looks repetitive to a reader, because the previous 2 posts have similar usages, but to the doer, it is very refreshing.

Tell me what you think. I wanna know.



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