Is The Alkaline Diet Vegan?

Whenever I address a gathering about the Alkaline Diet, someone in the audience almost always asks me this question, “Is the Alkaline Diet Vegan?”.

The answer to which is slightly more complicated than Yes or No.


This is because of how you categorize the alkaline diet. If you look at it as a diet, then yes, it is vegan because everything alkaline is also vegan.

However, in my opinion, the alkaline diet as a healthstyle.

Healthstyle? What does this mean?

In simple terms, you need to maintain the alkaline – acid balance of 80-20 and as long as you do that, you are fine.

The healthstyle view is the only view that is actually practical in this real world though.

Let us look at a day in the month of a corporate employee living in a big city.

There will definitely be a social gathering at least once or twice a month, many times more than twice a month.

Colleagues’ birthday, kitty party, company event, the list goes on and on.

At these events, do you think “I should eat healthy today”?


You EAT and DRINK like there is no tomorrow.

Let us be honest, you can’t let go of all social outings because you choose to be alkaline. It is just not practical.

It is close to impossible to eat only alkaline food in this 21st century fast paced world in a big city.

The best you can do, at least in the beginning is to maintain the balance.

Once you get used to this balance, the body has it’s own way of making you feel better.

In an alkaline healthstyle, you can freely eat any food you like, even if it is acidic around 20% of the time. This means, an occasional ice cream isn’t going to kill you.

The important thing here is the balance, as long as you eat 80% alkaline, you can eat whatever you want in the other 20%.

The healthier you are, the more you will feel the sting of one acidic meal.

Since the acidic meal you eat will probably be some indulgence, your body makes you feel a little nauseated.

This is a mechanism of your body to keep you away from junk food.

Coffee drinkers usually face a similar situation when they stop drinking coffee.

They get headaches during the first few days till the body adapts.

I, almost ever eat food with sugar in it, I’m not referring to everything sweet, only sugar. Sugar is pure acid in the body and I avoid it like the plague.

If I eat a kaju barfi, my taste buds are so acutely sensitive to sugar that I cannot eat beyond the first bite because it feels too sweet.

I prefer using Stevia for sweet, but jaggery or dates will also do.

Sugar is addictive, if you eat sugar you will crave it for the next 3 days.

Sugar also has a fast burn, if you eat sugar, you get an instant boost of energy but dies down when the sugar is burned, sustained energy never comes from sugar.

This is also the reason our kids are quite hyperactive nowadays. They eat a lot of sugar.

I went off on a tangent because sugar is so bad for you.

So, yes, the alkaline diet is vegan, but you don’t need to be vegan to live the alkaline healthstyle.

In any health program, it is important that you make it extremely easy for yourself to follow through.

In my Alkaline Detox Program, I take you through slow and steady 21 day detox journey.

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