Is the Alkaline Diet, really a Diet?

Sometimes people are confused with what a diet is, they think that a diet is a temporary thing where you eat certain foods for certain period of time for a desired result like weight loss. Now, while this may be the perceived definition of a diet, a diet is the food you eat. Period. That’s it, if you eat rotis and curry everyday, that’s your diet.

Now the question that most people never figure out is whether the Alkaline Diet is a diet. To answer your question, it is no. The Alkaline Diet is not a diet, it is a lifestyle, it is a scale. Your body is not acid or alkaline all the time. It’s a scale, a continuum, it tends to stay on the Alkaline side if you continue to keep alkalizing your body, if you don’t, your body will become acidic.

Some people also have the question if the Alkaline Diet is vegan, the answer is yes and no. Since the Alkaline Diet is not a diet at all, but rather a continuum, it is not about being vegan or not, it’s about alkalizing and energizing your body. To give you numbers, if you can keep 80% of your diet alkaline, you’ll be well off. The remaining 20% can be acidic, it’s not a rule, it’s not a recommendation, but it’s just an idea for people who would like to get started with being alkaline and who get overwhelmed by the number of constraints/restrictions that you have to suddenly apply to your eating habits.

Alkaline Eating is a way of healthy eating, it’s about keeping your body alkaline and enjoying the benefits of a healthy body through alkalinity.


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