Is Lethargy Holding You Back From Exploring Your Passions?

We’ve all been there, back from office, just drop dead onto the couch, feeling like “Let me sleep like a log”. Have you ever had that experience? Chances are, you have and more importantly, that is the reason you are not working on your passions.

Imagine if Einstein had just relaxed on the couch, what would he have achieved?

Today, I’ll share with you three important things that can give you dramatically more energy in the evening .

Instant Energy Booster Technique

First, let’s look at the lethargy situation, why are you lethargic? In a single word answer, the answer is food. You ate something for breakfast or lunch that can be called ‘unhealthy’. So, what’s the problem? The problem is not with the food alone, the problem is that you’ve not burnt off the food. Food needs to be burnt for it to release energy, and to burn food, you need Oxygen. To get Oxygen, you and me breathe every second, but we don’t get enough Oxygen to burn off this kind of food.

Using this technique, you burn a major component of the food you eat so that it can release energy.


  1. Breathe 4 Counts in (4s or just count 4)
  2. Hold for 16 Counts
  3. Exhale for 2 Counts
  4. Repeat 10 Times (5 Times for beginners)

If you are good at breathing, you can do this for 7 counts instead of 4, the effect will be more powerful.

This technique provides instant results, you can simply feel the Oxygen flowing into your body and energizing you.

Wheatgrass Blast Technique

Another major reason for lethargy is not letting go of fecal matter. A lot of what we eat is digested and absorbed or waits in the intestines till new food comes in before it is excreted. In such cases, the unnecessary fecal matter is extra burden for the body. To get rid of this fecal matter, you can follow this simple technique.


  1. Mix Wheatgrass powder in a glass of water and have it.
  2. Repeat Twice daily, once before sleeping and once after waking up.

Caution: This may require you to go to the loo.

This is an extremely effective technique. It just works.

Lemon Alkalizing Technique

If your body is acidic, your body will feel drained all day. The Alkaline Diet is all about alkalinity, but for this particular purpose, I have a specific technique.

Bottle With Lemon




  1. Cut a lemon
  2. Squeeze the juice into a bottle and discard the seeds.
  3. Cut the lemon into slices and put it into the bottle. (Please wash lemon well)
  4. Replace this water with the regular water you drink.

After making the switch to lemon water, it will feel slightly awkward in the beginning but in a single day, you will get used to it. It will alkalize your body and keep you acids under control.


Note: Lemon water is very alkalizing, but you must support the body by eating alkaline foods as well.


Using these three techniques, you will get the energy you need to pull through a solid 3-4 hours of work or playing with your kids or whatever it is that is being held back by lethargy. Let me know how you used them.



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