Indian Alkaline Foods: A List

If you are Indian and want to try the alkaline diet, you’ll face some hurdles. That maybe the case anywhere in the world, but in India, you’ll probably find it a little difficult to find all the things for an alkaline diet.
This post is a compilation of a couple of alkaline foods I use in day to day life and where I found them.

1) Wheat Grass Powder: This is a super healthy green drink and is available locally in India. You’ll have to check some ayurvedic shops but you’ll find it. I found it at a store in Hyderabad which sells these kinds of products. Wheat grass has tons of health benefits including having more healthy nutrients than 24 greens! Best of all, it costs only INR 200(USD 4-5). Comparing it to Tony’s green drink which costs a whooping INR 5600(USD 120), it saves me some money.
Price: INR 200(USD 4)
2) Tofu Paneer: Tofu is made from Soy Milk and it is perfectly healthy to have it as part of an alkaline diet.Regular milk and other dairy products have an acidic effect on the body and hence are not recommended. Paneer is cottage Indian cheese that is usually made from milk but Tofu, is paneer made from Soy Milk. So, if you had to cut on Palak Paneer because you shouldn’t have dairy products, you now have an option!
Price: Less than INR 50(USD 1)

3)Brown Rice: White rice has been stripped of everything that can add any potential value to the health of the body. Brown rice on the other hand is unpolished rice which has an alkaline effect on the body. If you’re new to brown rice, you may find it a little dis-tasteful in the beginning but you’ll get used to it soon, if you want a good quality life that is ;).
Price: INR 35/kg (USD 0.90)

4) Almonds: These are the only nuts that have an alkaline effect on the body, all other nuts have some kind of acidic effect on the body. Soak them overnight and have them throughout the day the next day. I’m not sure on how many to have each time but I usually have around 5 of them 3-4 times a day.
Price: INR 50/100g and INR 500/1kg (USD 1 and USD 10)

5)Sweet Potato: I never thought that this would be alkaline, but I don’t argue with the doctors, whatever they say I follow. After I found out the sweet potato is alkaline, I started adding them to my daily diet especially in breakfast, adding them to sprouts to make them more interesting. This is a good one.
Price: INR 30-40/ 1kg

My belief is that, alkaline food would be more common and cheaper if and only if :
1) People had more awareness of it. and
2) People wanted to buy it.
The purpose of these large companies is giving people what they want, and if they want fast food, they get fast food. If they want alkaline healthy foods, they make them available.

I can add tons more foods to this post, but I’ll leave that for another post.



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  1. HI Pritvi ..

    Thats very short yet precise indian list for alkaline food.
    Good Job buddy ..

    Can u add some more food items .. like what to have breakfast , lunch and dinner..

    Thanks for info..

  2. Havells Pro water purifier claims to clean the water as well as making it alkaline, I have been consuming it from 2 years. Can see lil difference, also checked once on PH to see if it is alkaline so people can try it.

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