How does it feel?

Every single day, I have someone or the other asking me about how I can live off of salads. I simply reply, I’m used to it. They question why I eat salads, they say it’s unnecessary, say health isn’t such a big deal.

Well, every time someone speaks about such things, I never preach to them about health or about the alkaline diet, they’re probably very happy in their respective lives and don’t want any stress about their health issues. It’s happened so often that I never talk about eating healthy to them nowadays, except for in the case where they actually want to talk about it.

Everyone young, I won’t define young, but I think you get it. Young people feel like they will live forever, and eventually they have some problem with some part of their lives, this is in reference to health. They shrug it off as if it happens to everyone, and live on. Rarely do they reflect on the reason of the lapse in health, there are few who do and those are the people that come into healthy eating.

There is a single point I’m making in this post, and this is redundant, I’ve spoken about it before and I speak about it again. Health is the most important aspect of our lives, it can’t be bought, money can help you get in better health, but it can’t bring you out of death. I’m not referring to death by cancer or some deadly disease that could be cured with a million dollars, I’m referring to the death that is caused by years and years of poor health habits.

Let this post be a reminder to get back onto health. It’s never too late, start now. It’s for the best. Start small, but start.



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