Health or Friends?

I’m sharing a personal experience about how eating clean or rather your intention to eat clean could hurt other parts of your life. Being rigid about my meals doesn’t help me.Why? Isn’t it good to eat clean all the time? Isn’t it healthy? I will create problems in my body if I don’t eat clean. These maybe some thoughts that go through your head when you’ve chosen to go the alkaline way and someone asks you to eat a meal you shouldn’t eat as part of the diet.

Friendship is all about experiences you share with a person, the more number of experiences you share with a person usually leads to friendship. If a friend is giving me something to eat, even if it’s something that isn’t good for you, but a single spoon isn’t going to have any negative impact on your body. I’m talking about food, not alcohol or cigarettes. Those are a complete no.

What happens when you say no?  As a normal part of friendship bonding, you have to do several things to get closer to people. So if out of love and affection a friend is feeding you, and you say no, they’ll feed someone else and they’ll get closer to other people.

This is a challenge I faced in my life and I don’t want any of you to ever have to face this ever. It doesn’t feel good when you’re losing your friends for your health and when you feel that you’re losing friends for health. You’ll stop caring about your health and choose friends.

We’re human, we crave love more than we care about anything else in the world. That’s why even though our loved ones are doing things that may damage their health and their lives, we continue to be with them and not lecture them about their health all the time because of our fear of losing them.

Eating at fancy restaurants, guys night out full of drinking, all these things have been promoted by the culture, people do that because it’s what they seen in movies and on TV. Since people became health concious, super markets started an organic section, and now, there’s an entire super market for organic foods called ‘Whole Foods’ in US. Multi national companies give the people what they want, people want burgers, they get burgers, they want pizza, they get pizza.

It’s simple how these things work. But in my experience, you’re friends probably won’t support your endeavours, they’ll probably say you’re out of your mind. But facts and data don’t lie, the same friend who doesn’t care about health will probably have a heart attack at the age of 35 or 40. He’ll be diagnosed with diabetes, and will live the rest of his days repenting his situation. If you’re the person headed for those signs, heed this advice now and get healthy.

Change for your life, others will follow. Your true friends will support you nevertheless.



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