Health for Busy People

Often times, health blogs like this one and others keep talking about health and go on and on about health. I actually wanted to bring out an important point of health and healthy eating today. Eating healthy in a busy world. People who talk about health seem to have made health their profession and for them it seems like a very normal thing to be healthy, but rarely do they talk about staying healthy in a busy world.

I’ve found myself to get very busy at times and I don’t have the time to keep healthy. I might have to order in food or pick up something that’s readily available instead of prepare a quality and healthy meal. Now I thought, am I the only person who’s busy in this world? And the answer that came to me was ‘no’. I’m not the only person and there must be scores of people who have similar situations, what do you do in such scenarios? Do you adopt the frame of my mom who says ” Home food is health”? Or should you start thinking about what would make the maximum impact on life?

I don’t have the answer for this, because, it’s not easy. Everyone has 24 hours in the day and when I think of taking my hours from elsewhere and Investing the hours in health, I think I could have done this before if I had the time. Now I have to look for the time.

I’ve decided to go on a 90 day food challenge, this is where I eat basic food that adds to my alkaline reserves and also make sure that I don’t have to invest too much time into making this food. I’ll be posting regular updates on how it’s working and my logs on how I’m feeling from time to time.

Once I’m done with this challenge, I’ll post the exact step by step process of what I’ve done so that you can replicate the strategy yourselves.

Until then, Cheerio.

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