Health Fanatic Vs Healthy Person

The title may confuse you a bit, probably because you may think they are the same thing.Well, to clearly demarcate the territories of the people mentioned above, I’ve written this post.

Let me first describe each of the above people and later get into what are the pros and cons.

Firstly, a health fanatic is a person who puts paramount importance on health, he strikes every t, dots every i. He knows health inside and out, follows it and preaches it. He’s so much into health and taking good care of the body, he thinks it to be the way it is and feels that it is the only way to live a quality life.

Please bear in mind that there is NO right or wrong way.There are just things you do and consequences to that.

Now, let’s get into a general healthy person. A healthy person (from the perspective of the alkaline diet), is a person who has a couple of glasses of wheatgrass everyday, does a little bit of breathing exercises to aid digestion, follows many rules of the diet. But he gives himself a break on a one day of the week, or on a meal per week. (People who follow all rules are health fanatics, you qualify as a healthy person if you follow some of the rules and overall feel better)

In essence, this person is healthy, he falls sick far less than any of his other non healthy eaters, lives a lighter and higher quality life, feels enriched.

Now that you get the picture of who is who. Let’s get down to more details. Without the shadow of a doubt, both of these people have far higher quality lives than regular people who don’t follow any sort of healthy eating whatsoever, but for our benefit, we need to know what category we’d like to fall into and what benefits it has.

A health fanatic will live a good quality life, these people are few in number, the circumstances that health fanatics require are not available for most normal people, people who’re extremely busy, and sometimes even wealthy, people who can afford to have healthy food prepared all the time, are usually the ones who will fall into this category. This is the ideal of healthy eating.

Coming to healthy people, following some of the rules has brought a higher quality life to them, while they don’t have all the opportunities to have a perfectly healthy life, or they don’t make use of all of them, they feel alive and have a lot more energy than most ordinary people.

Since the alkaline diet or diets in particular are relatively new (less than 50 years old), there has been no long term study of generations together where there has been a higher life expectancy. But it makes more logical sense to think that people who take better care of themselves will live a longer life, how much longer? Well, that’s a question that has no answer as of today, but we should have more data in the future.

All I want you to take away from this post is, which category do you fall into? Which do you want to fall into?

After you choose a category, live life free of the guilt of choosing the category and live life happily.



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