He was so healthy, how could it happen?

I have a friend named Shashank.  He looks like a college student even though he has left college 10 years ago.

For years, I kept observing Shashank’s eating habits.

He seemed to follow no principles of health whatsoever, he ate out frequently, he went to parties, he did all the things that would give me 10 extra kilos around my belly.


He gained ZERO KILOS!

Shashank never gained any weight from all these activities, even after many years.

This was a shock to me.

If I did those things for One week, my weight would begin to add up.

After digging up some research, I figured out the reason for this.

Shashank has a genetic tendency not to hold weight, that is why his body looks like that of a college going kid.

I know what you’re thinking.


Well, it is actually good that you don’t.

Weight gives you proof of illness.

If you are overweight, you might at least Think you need to do something. A thought that would never occur if you were of normal weight.

Without gaining weight, a person like Shashank will never know when that heart attack hits him.

After I told this story to a friend of mine, she exclaimed ” Oh my God! This is what happened to Ramesh”, and went on to tell me about her cousin.

Her cousin Ramesh, was 33 years old.

He was experiencing severe chest pain off and on and decided to get it checked.

The hospital asked him to get admitted to get some tests done and observe.

His relatives came to see him in the hospital, they went to his room and were having a casual fun conversation.

Everything seemed normal. Ramesh was also laughing.

Suddenly, Ramesh got a heart attack and died on the spot.

I didn’t probe her for more details as she was visibly disturbed with incident.

But she said one thing “He was so healthy, how could it happen?”

This problem is more common than we realise.

People assume that if you are not overweight you are healthy. This is not true.

Our bodies are dealing with too much pollution, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the cosmetics we use, the water we drink (or do not drink).

All of these are impacting our bodies in ways we cannot imagine.

If you are overweight, take is as a positive sign that you will never be Ramesh. At least, your body is warning you ahead of time to take action.

My friend thought that her cousin Ramesh was healthy because he had no extra weight. But weight had nothing to do with his heart attack.

I asked Shashank if he was experiencing any pain, and he said “I don’t have any pain, but I have heat boils on my back, they are killing me, I think it is because of the Non-veg food I eat”.

Boils are a way for the body to eject the toxins in the body at the earliest. Shashank’s body is acidic and full of toxins.

If you have the tendency not to hold weight, check for other symptoms like lethargy, chest pain, other aches and pains.

If you think you won’t get diabetes because you’re lean, you might have to think again. Being lean isn’t a guarantee that you won’t get diabetes.

People who follow an alkaline healthstyle don’t hold any weight.

The body holds on to weight is because it needs to protect the critical organs from the acid that we are putting into the system.

This is one of the reasons that fat settles around the belly, because the visceral area has many critical organs.

Once you alkalise your body, the acid is cleansed and the body begins to release the fat.

That’s it.

It is that simple.

Alkalise and lose weight.

If you don’t know where to get started, the Alkaline Detox Program would be a good start.

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