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Reflecting on my habit of eating a salad every single day without fail, I thought “What is it that makes me eat this salad every day?”, the first answer was, “Because my mom made it.”, but after a little more thought, it dawned on me that I put things in perspective a long time before I actually ate that meal.

If you eat clean, your blood sugar remains stable, what this means is that there are no sudden drops or spikes in blood sugar. You know those sudden cravings you have to eat something, mostly junk? That’s because of a drop in blood sugar. If you’re diabetic, a drop in blood sugar is a very serious thing, you could faint on the street if you’re low on blood sugar. Coming back to our main point, clean eating maintains our blood sugar, and you won’t get those cravings. If you’ve eaten some McDonald’s or KFC kind of junk, there are high chances that you feel these kind of cravings often, watch the documentary ‘Supersize Me’ for more info on this.

So, in the cycle, you eat clean, you don’t feel the craving to eat junk, that leads you to eat clean and so on and so forth. Similarly, you eat junk, the candida yeast in your body crave sugar, you feel like eating junk again and again and so on and so forth. To break this cycle, you need some kind of external force, this usually comes in some sort of realization or someone that you meet, or something that you watch or read(like this blog post!!!!). When such an event occurs, you must take a decision, a decision to focus on health. If this is the first time you’ve done so, it will be difficult, but it’s the first step. Take it with the faith that you can achieve whatever it is that you want.

This is the seed of a habit, a habit that forge a better life for you. “Habits are like railway tracks, they take time to make, but once made, they take you where you want” – Patricia Fripp. To make it simple, just start with one meal per day as a salad. Small bowl or big bowl, you decide, but start a salad, the advantage here is that you don’t put on any weight whatsoever regardless of the quantity. Salads feel better on the stomach, they are light, they aid digestion, even if you eat junk for another meal, a salad will facilitate smooth digestion and assimilation. Try it, it’s an amazing feeling.

This post was to make you start a habit, If you start any one habit that creates better health for you, then I’m satisfied. Small habits are things like, taking 2 deep breaths after each meal to send more oxygen into the body to speed up digestion and keep the brain fresh after a heavy meal. Another small habit could be having 500ml of water first thing every morning when you wake up because the body is most dehydrated at the time.

Possibilities are countless, but start small, and keep at it.



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