Emotions Are Acid?

Hey guys,

This post is not related to food at all, this is completely related to the emotional state of being and how it effects acid alkaline balance in our body.

Before you debate whether emotions actually play any role in the chemistry of the body, I’d like to clarify, our emotional states DO make a difference in the body.

Negative emotions are associated with acid, anger, frustration, hurt, guilt. All of these are pure acid, they create more acid in the body than the actual food you eat. If you’re super stressed about eating right and not eating the wrong things and every single moment you feel like heavens will come crashing down if you eat something that contains a little fat, then you’re creating more acid in the body than the actual food will create. This is especially true about the people who can’t seem to lose the last few pounds and they’re under constant stress and that is the acid that’s holding onto the weight.

On the other hand, positive emotions create a stress free environment in the body that allows alkalinity to grow, it sounds like this may not be accurate but the truth of the matter is that the emotions in our body have a big role to play in our acid alkaline balance.

On a side note, while this matter isn’t completely related to the topic, but I feel it’s important to stress this matter that it is our emotions that often cause us to eat things that we aren’t supposed to eat. This is probably the biggest factor because of which people never control their eating.

I’m not discussing solutions, but I’m making you aware of the problem. Look out for patterns of emotional eating and bursts of negative emotions in your life. We’ll discuss how to deal with them in our next post.



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