Eating Clean vs Socialising

After investing close to a decade of my life into researching healthy habits, I know exactly why people change and why they don’t.

There are many factors, but the one thing that ALWAYS stands out is…….


Yes, socialising, or in plain English, “What if my friends don’t allow me to eat clean?”

Humans, homo sapiens, you and me are social beings.

We live in tribes.

Each human has a functional memory of around 150 people. That means you can remember 150 people on average.

That being said, the tribe plays a major role in your success or lack thereof.

That is why I termed this article

Eating Clean vs Socialising.

In 10 years of studying healthy habits like a mad man, this thing jumps out at me every time.


I’ll tell you why, but I’ll ask you a few questions first. Game?

Have you ever had any one of these experiences?

You and your family have to attend a wedding and nothing is prepared at home so you have no choice but to eat at the wedding?


Your office plans a retreat for two days and you know there is food and booze and you are mandatorily required to go?


All your childhood friends have planned a 10 year reunion and you guys decide to go on a trip where you are sure there will be hearty drinking and eating?

If you are human and your blood is red, you must have experienced this.

But that’s not the part where the real kicker is.

You know when some invitation like this shows up?

It always shows up in around a unique time.

It shows up the immediately the week after you take the resolution to eat clean.

That is being human in all it’s essence.

We are social, that’s what we are.

Every week, I meet some interesting people, investors, venture capitalists and the like.

They usually suggest we meet at Starbucks.

Owing to my rules, I can’t order anything at Starbucks (everything has too much sugar and milk).

So I usually carry a smoothie/lemonade so that the person I’m meeting doesn’t feel awkward that I’m not having anything.

It also serves as a resistance to temptation, I am much less likely to order anything because I’ve already got something.

If you can relate to this, if you are unable to change because of your peer group/social situation, I have a new program that deals with this.

How to Eat Clean in a Social Planet.

It covers the exact steps and strategies on

  • What to eat in social situations.
  • How to engineer social situations so that you always win the health game.
  • How to get your friends & family to support you in your health endeavours.
  • All this and much much more.

This program will release later this year, click here to show your interest and I’ll get back to you.



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