You Can’t Out Run the Deer, but You Can Do This Instead

Ancient tribes in the middle of Africa still hunt and get their food everyday. They used to first try to capture the deer by running after them, but the deer would always out run them.
This led them to come up with a poison dart that would stun the deer and cause it to faint within a few steps. 
Problem Solved!
Modern day Humans often think that they can outrun the deer until they actually try.

If you have tried to change your diet OVERNIGHT or go to the gym Everyday from January 1st you know Exactly what I’m talking about.
If you’re wondering what deer and ancient tribes have to do with your health, the answer is “Quite A Lot”. 
We Humans tend to think that we can eat healthy (Who are we kidding?) or go to the gym everyday for 2 hours (Really? ?)
We are just trying to outrun the deer.
There is no way that we can use the power of will against the power of habit.
But, the good news is that we can figure out Smart ways that can actually make us follow through on our health goals.
Instead of changing what we eat, can we make a list of all the meals we had in the last 7 days?
Now, can we change 1 meal? (Out of 21 meals) 
The truth is that changing 1 meal is extremely easy. 
Does changing 1 meal reduce 10 kgs in 30 Days?


But it gets you started on a process of change.

In 6 months, you will have changed more than 50% of your diet and lost a lot of weight.

We learn the Alphabet letter by letter, we don’t learn them all at once, but in everyday lives, this is exactly what we Try to do

We expect to outrun the deer and learn the entire Alphabet in 10 minutes.
This is why the 21 Day Detox works, it makes change extremely simple. 
You change one small thing each day and 21 days later, you have healthy habits.
As humans, we don’t have to outrun the deer, we weren’t given that ability, but we were given a BRAIN. This brain will create solutions for us in any situation, but we must use it in the right way.


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