How Cooking Works : How To Avoid Unhealthy Meals


You wake up late, you’ve got to rush to office and decide to skip breakfast. Has that ever happened to you? Chances are, if you’re like the rest of us, it definitely has, but how do we make sure that such days don’t happen again?

The reason this has happened to you is not because you woke up late, the reason is the way your food schedule is planned out.

Food prep is all about what decisions we make, we all have routines in life, we wake up at a certain time, we go to college/work, we come back home and hit the sack. All of us follow some variation of this schedule, some of us have a plan to make food and some of us just do not.

It’s not illegal to eat unhealthy food, it just distances you from having the body you want and deserve.

If you are working on your health, Food is the most important part of it after Oxygen and Water.


One Unhealthy Meal = 2 Weeks of Careful Healthy Eating Destroyed 


Food planning is crucial to success in any weight loss goal, but most people don’t know how to do it and think it’s too hard. Food can be simple or difficult depending on what you decide to make.


One Dish Repeated Daily = Clarity
Different Dish Everyday = Confusion


For example, if you want to make a different smoothie for breakfast everyday, you will almost certainly fail, a different smoothie each day means different greens, different fruits, big shopping list and many other things.

However, if you decide to have the same smoothie with the same 3 ingredients which you always have in stock, on all days of the week, your chances of success go up exponentially.

For some, the thought of having the same smoothie everyday seems monotonous, but if the smoothie tastes delicious and it’s your favourite smoothie? Would you still feel bored? You’ll look forward to having that lovely smoothie just like people crave their morning shot of caffeine. Trust the process.


Easy to Make Smoothie = Smoothie Gets Made
Smoothie Gets Made = Stomach Gets Filled
Stomach Gets Filled = No Space for Junk
No Space For Junk = Quick Weight Loss/Reach Health Goals


Same goes for any meal, with all the buzz around food, all the commercials by Dominos Pizza about hunger and all the billions of pictures of food on Instagram & Pinterest, we all fantasize about eating the exotic ‘vegan cheese tomato fusilli pasta with béchamel sauce'(god knows how to make this), but truth be told, who has time to make it?

Humans are creatures of habit, most people have a set of around 20 combinations of roti, rice, dal and curries. We repeat most of the things we eat unconsciously, then why do we think of making some exotic meals for each meal that we have?

The answer to that question lies in your phone, just look at that device, it has made your life infinitely simpler by allowing you to hail a cab from wherever you want and catch up with all the happenings  of your friends, but everyone (you and me included) only post perfect moments on these Social media sites, nobody posts all the failures they’ve had in life. We constantly see the picture perfect clicks of others and assume that’s how life should be like and continue to create this deluded version of reality for ourselves.

Luckily, the solution to this is extremely simple, it just needs you to say one magic word.


The word is ‘No’. 


Sounds odd? Don’t they say you’re supposed to say ‘yes’ to life? Well, that was in the old days, today, saying ‘No’ is the only way to achieve any result in life.

Old Days

Watching TV in the Old Days

You see one recipe to make a food item on TV once a week. You can decide to make it.


Watching TV Today

You see hundreds of photos on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest of interesting recipes that people are making. You hit ‘Like’ to many of them, but you can never make any of them. You simply cannot.

Every post on these sites is a request for your attention, with thousands of requests for your time, you must say ‘no’ to these requests so that you can achieve the body.

This doesn’t mean, stop using Social media, it just means, accepting the fact that keeping it easy is the key to compliance and consistency.

In Today’s world, less is more. Cutting out stuff is the easiest way to gain this simplicity and ensure you get results.

What Should You Do Now To Take Control of Your Food? 

  1. Create A Meal Plan for Yourself by looking at What you already Eat.
  2. Take a baby step by deciding to change 1 meal in Your Day
  3. Whatever that meal is, keep it extremely simple, if you’re having a smoothie, have the same one everyday, if you want to have a fruit, have the same fruit everyday.

Remember to KISS, Keep it simple stupid :p 🙂


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