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I mentioned in the last post that I had been using some breathing techniques. These techniques are fantastic, they charge you up when you need to get charged up. I’ve listed them below.

1) 1:4:2 is the breathing technique Tony Robbins suggests, take 1 count of breath in,hold it for 4 counts and release it over 2 counts through the Mouth.1 count doesn’t mean 1second, if you take 1 count to be 7 then 4 counts would be 28 and 2 counts would be 14. It means that you should count in your head the no, it needn’t be 1=1s. Tony suggests to take the count as 7, but for a beginner I’d suggest 4, it’s a good way to get started especially if you have poor breathing habits. If you take 4, you will soon feel that you’ve mastered it and will want to take on a bigger challenge, that’s when you put in 7.
This entire 1:4:2 ratio takes around 50-60s each time you do it and you are supposed to repeat it 10 times each time. I didn’t realize this in the beginning and started doing it only 3 times, that itself had tremendous benefits, but since I heard that CD of Living Health again, I started doing it 10 times, I usually do it whenever I feel low on energy. But a systematic timed procedure is the best way to feel energy.

2) Breath in, breath out 10 times. This technique was suggested by Eben Pagan, this is a instant booster of energy and has a faster effect. You must take in 10 deep breaths and each time you must release every ounce of air inside of you through the mouth and that inturn it rewards you with an instant charge to the brain.Remember, after the 10th breath, don’t take in any more air, until you feel like you really need to, which is usually after at least 1-2,mins
3) 3 in: 6 out this system works in a way wherein, you breath in for 3 counts and breath out for 6 counts. 1 count is 1s in this case. You will feel instant energy after you do this.

So That’s that, I’ll keep you posted on new stuff I try.



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