Are Fruits Alkaline?

Last Saturday, I was spending time with some old friends, we were talking about many things and one of my friends asked me “Prithvi, are fruits healthy?” .

My friend has no idea about the alkaline diet so I began to explain and it occurred to me that thousands of more people debate this question everyday.

This is one of those topics that has all sides screaming.

Some say fruit is good, some say fruit is bad, some say ‘blah’ some say ‘blah blah’.

Before we dive in, remember one thing, we must deal with this topic like any other topic, science with practicality.

Today, I’ll clear all doubts about fruits being Alkaline or Not.

Firstly, what is fruit like?

Fruits are usually sweet, be it a banana or a kiwi, they are sweet.

What does sweet mean?

Sweet = Sugar

What does Sugar mean?

Sugar = Acid

What does Acid Mean?

Acid = Bad for You

I know what you are thinking. Fruit? Bad for You? That’s impossible.

That is only part of the story, so bear with me while we go through the whole thing so we can come to a conclusion.

Fruits are acidic, that is the truth, but fruit is also natural.

Fruit is engineered by nature, nature doesn’t want to sell you anything.

If you pick any food in the supermarket, even something that is not sweet, you will usually find an ingredient called “High Fructose Corn Syrup”.

This is Dangerous.

HFCS is a sweetener extracted from corn starch that is easier to use than regular sugar and is heavily refined, it adds no value to the body whatsoever and is pure acid.

Fruit does not have any of this refined HFCS garbage.

So, should you eat fruit or not?

The answer is Yes, you should eat fruit, but more importantly, you must know that sugar is sugar, whether it comes from natural sources or man made sources.

Eating fruit is perfectly fine as long as you eat them in moderation.

When I say moderation, I mean eat about 1 fruit a day, or add fruits into green smoothies and have them.

If you eat more, you add more acid to the system.

When should you eat fruit?

Always eat fruit before meals because it goes straight through the digestive system. You can also eat fruit as a snack.

Even though fruits are not Alkaline because of the sugar content, there is no way we can live on this planet without eating fruit.

Fruits make a great snack and eating fruit when you begin to get hungry will significantly reduce the chances of you gorging on anything else.

I’ve seen hundreds of people go through this path and there is one thing I can say for a fact.

You’ll eventually cultivate the right tastes and eat fruit sparingly. You won’t crave fruit much.

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