Anyone Else In India? and My Trials With The Alkaline Diet

Hey guys,

I’m a big follower of the alkaline diet, primarily promoted by Tony Robbins. I’ve been into him for quite a while now and I’m a strong believer of the alkaline diet and the benefits it has on the body. Seriously, if it can add a couple of years to my life, I’m all for it. Also, benefits are supposed to include never aging. I’ll be posting my experiences, trials and tribulations of my alkaline diet, the exact how-tos and anything else that might interest such readers.

Why The Name Alkaline Diet India?

I’m an Indian and live in India(obviously duh!) and want other people who share their interests in alkaline diets to find me. Hence, this blog. I’ll share the Indian alternatives to the English names and products many of which aren’t available in India.  This is a blog is in no way limited to any specific location, if you are human and you want to live a good life, just follow me on this blog.



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    1. Hey Vishku,

      The best place to learn would be the Living Health audio program by Tony Robbins.

      That’s where my journey started. There is also a acid and alkaline food chart, I’ll upload it soon.

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