Alkalinity Enriched Life

Continuing on from last week’s post, I want to write more on this topic of Healthier, and how eating alkaline or following even a couple of alkaline practices can keep you in far better health than average normal people.

Consider this, average normal people, eat whatever they’ve been eating traditionally, occasionally they try out some new foods, and reject most of them, have almost no healthy food practices because they don’t know what health means and what will add to health or take away from health.

Compare this to a person who’s done a little bit of research on the alkaline diet, follows a couple of healthy food practices, like having a glass of wheatgrass drink every day, having a 500ml of water immediately after waking up, avoiding fluid intake 30mins before and after food intake.

The effect of all these practices are never seen in the short term, looking back at my own life, after I started following these health principles(I’m no expert by any standard), I’ve almost never fallen sick, I have energy to carry out most of my activities, I feel better and less lethargic. So, 10 years into such healthy practices, a healthy eater will be on a path far different from that of a non healthy eater.

Non healthy eaters never look up health, they goto a doctor when they’re sick, the doctor gives them some pills, they take the pills, the problem goes away. But never actually ponder on the fact of why they had the problem in the first place and why is such medication necessary. Diabetes is the best example, most people think diabetes is hereditary, diabetes isn’t hereditary, what you eat isn’t healthy so you got diabetes, nobody ever told you how to eat healthy so you never got to know.

Now that you’ve read this post, you have a better grasp of what will happen if you follow alkaline eating and how alkalinity enriches your life.

Make sure you watch the video below, it’s an investment of time in health. You’ll gain some interesting insights.

This video is interesting and reveals some secrets regarding placements of items in super markets. The supermarkets place items based on profitability. This is good info if you want to know how to shop better.



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