Alkaline Water

Water, acid, alkaline or neutral? The most important element for human survival after oxygen. What role does water play in our daily alkaline lifestyles? Well, let’s look at answering that question along and learn a couple of techniques to use water more effectively.

Firstly, water has a pH of 7, that means that it’s neutral, neither acid nor alkaline. To make water alkaline, add some lime to it, preferably freshly cut lime juice. This isn’t too great to taste, but adds a lemony tinge. You can learn to like it over time, worth it if you like living a healthy life. The taste isn’t too bad, it just needs getting used to.

When to have water, well, the intake of water at proper intervals could be very effective or ineffective as an aid to digestion. Water, should be had at the following timings.
1) Immediately after you wake up in the morning.
2) Min 30 mins before food intake.
3) Min 60 mins after food intake.

It is a cycle, you have 500 ml of water the moment you wake up in the morning, this is the time when you are most dehydrated and you’ve not had water for hours together. You have water 30 mins before having food so that the body is clear of all liquids when food enters the body. And you have water a minimum of 60 mins after having food because your body is clear of all solid food.

The stomach secretes enzymes that digest solid food, by mixing water, you hinder it’s ability to perform at it’s best. Thus, it doesn’t do it’s job perfectly. For this reason, we keep liquids and solids separate.

This is a habitual technique, it looks small, but to implement will take a long time. Changing food habits isn’t that easy, but it’s definitely possible. If it were easy, the whole world would be healthy, unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Trust the process, and follow the rules, you will feel phenomenal.



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