Age: 200 Years Old

If you think the title has been stolen from some science fiction book, you’re wrong.  This is now a possibility though latest advancements in technology. 3D Printing and Stem cell technology make it possible for a human to live up to 200 year and more.  Why is this important? Well, because living for 200 years is no good if you’re not healthy.

Let us say both your kidneys have failed and you are going to die, a doctor takes stem cells from your kidneys,  3D prints a kidney and puts the kidney back into your body and it works just like normal. Usually, the body would reject such an external item, but since the kidney has been made out of your own stem cells, it is not rejected by the body. This is NOT science fiction, this is really happening, doctors are doing this.

Suppose you’ve been burnt and you have a lot of scars and marks, a doctor can take your stem cells, put them in a spray kind of mechanism and spray the cells over the burnt parts of your body and you will look like you’ve never been burned.

This article is a reminder for those that are putting off eating clean and staying healthy. If you live to the age of 200, it’s double your current age, if you want to be more than saggy skin, you better take care of yourself and take very good care. This kind of advancement probably the best thing that happened to you if you know what to see.

Most people at the age of 20 have less energy than people double their age who’ve taken good care of their body, it’s because of consistently polluting their body, the body has been working so hard to just make all the essential functions work that it can’t thrive.

I’m planning a challenge that can help people with the alkaline eating and help them do it fast and with massive support from my side.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the challenge.

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