10 Mins to Health (How Parkinson’s Law Can Help You Lose Weight)

If I gave you only 10 mins a day to lose weight, what would you pick to do it?


Going to the gym?




I would recommend 5BX (Google it)

Why do I remind you of this?

Complexity is the enemy of execution.

If you want to lose weight today and you have not moved your body in the past 30 days, just download 5BX and start doing it TODAY.

You can thank me later.

Parkinson’s Law is the law of deadlines.

If I gave you 10 hours to do something, you would come up with the most complex plan on how to do something and very likely never do it at all.

In other words, a task takes up all the time it is given, it takes less time if less time is given and more time if more time is given.

However, in a situation where your mind feels like there is no time to waste (aka fast approaching deadlines) you pick the thing that is the easiest and bring results fast.

Start 5BX today.

P.S. if you are a woman, Google XBX.

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